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Amish Furniture Factory
When Pantone's Living Coral started trending, I wrote this blog post about coral in general, to avoid invading their brand while helping our readers place the color.
Just as people are beginning to feel the effects of the short fall days, this article teaches both broader design principles and individual tips to help maximize brightness. This monster list culminates six years of reading and writing about home design and Amish furniture.
My monster listicle got long enough that I could make a separate post out of this list. These suggestions apply the knowledge from the bigger post instead of just listing bright ideas.
While preparing customer testimonial posts, I noticed that this customer's new bookcases have a lot to teach about design. So I turned it into a listicle.
I wrote this short editorial blog post on using ambiguous language in policy back in January 2015, before resistance to Trumpism made it cool. This is about China changing architecture laws.
In this short, I comment on a longer article, adding vivid sensations of the subject's mysterious locale.
Urban Clotheslines
Once Urban Clotheslines uploaded this YouTube tutorial, they needed a blog post listing a searchable text version of the instructions. I split the contents of the tutorial into steps to keep them easy to read.

This blog post sells BLUEdot's mission and reviews one of Urban Clotheslines' best products to build a sense of community between the two brands.

Intended Outcomes
In Muskoka, the rich and the poor straddle the digital divide. This article shows how internet policy affects everyday life, including people's ability to climb out of poverty.

Customer Testimonials

Amish Furniture Factory
When I saw this customer's testimonial, I took the time to research the place she mentioned. Then I had the material to tell a rich story.
This customer made it easy to turn their testimonial letter into a listicle, so I did.

Social Media Accounts

@AmishFactory on Twitter—Amish Furniture Factory
I get link clicks for tweets of our handcrafted furniture, all while curating valuable content on design, home improvement, and things that might interest well-established baby boomers.
@EcoClotheslines on Twitter—Urban Clotheslines (until October 2018)
I won link clicks to our clothesline store and blog, while curating tweets about sustainability, fair products and home living.

Books (Editing)

Someone Like You
by Martha Rockwood Kashap
(content editing and copy editing)



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