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Several blue beams of light connecting from one angle to the other with a city at night in the background.
Tech conversations lead to innovation at the Big Data and AI Toronto conference
National Post
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"20% of Canadian small businesses are hit by cybercrime every year.[i] When the method of breach is ransomware, over two thirds of businesses pay the ransom[ii], because it’s difficult to undo a data breach. That’s why preventing breaches using a robust cybersecurity strategy is essential.

"Thankfully, the most effective cybersecurity strategies fit into small business budgets and pay for themselves in saved work-hours. Read on to discover the most pressing cybercrime risks and the most valuable cybersecurity strategies of 2021."
The sun shining in a blue sky flanked by fluffy clouds
"The Manitoba Ninety-Nines could soon be demonstrating the world’s first type-certified electric airplane at Lyncrest Airport in the R.M of Springfield."

This reported article for the Sou'wester contains quotations from Dr. Jill Oakes, coverage of Dr. Paul Parker's presentation at the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association, and research on Canadian Aviation Regulations.
Some gardeners at the South Pointe Community Garden are growing bell peppers.
"The new South Pointe Community Garden is ploughed, plotted and busy with 56 gardeners in the mornings and evenings. The garden is located at the end of Northridge Road, just off John Angus Drive."

This reported article for the Winnipeg paper, the Sou'wester, contains three interviews and a story of how the garden grew from a community initiative.
A close-up of two drawers over two doors on a wood hutch
Inset? Raised panel? Who knew furniture doors could be so complicated? This authority content post breaks down the process of looking at a wood furniture cabinet door.
Planet Earth from a distance with clouds swirling all over it and a black background This blog post sells BLUEdot's mission and reviews one of Urban Clotheslines' best products to build a sense of community between the two brands.

Website Copy

This computer screen in a purple lit room links to a product page that Vicki Nemeth wrote about a work-from-home IT package. This business-to-business product page details all of the pieces of hardware, software, and support that Canada Computing offer in their IT package for firms transitioning to remote work.
Seven pistachios in barely cracked light brown shells laying on a white surface Sumptuous stuffed dates and nutritous energy balls are the craft of this artisanal home business. I contributed homepage copy and product descriptions.

Customer Stories

This customer made it easy to turn their testimonial letter into a blog article, so I did.

Blog Posts for Product Videos

Once Urban Clotheslines uploaded this YouTube tutorial, they needed a blog post listing a searchable text version of the instructions. I split the contents of the tutorial into steps to keep them easy to read.
The Arts and Crafts Mission 2 Door 1 Drawer Bookcase
A paraphrase of the monologue in the video showcasing the bookcase in question.

Social Media Accounts

@AmishFactory on Twitter—Amish Furniture Factory (until October 2019)
I got link clicks for tweets of our handcrafted furniture, all while curating valuable content on design, home improvement, and things that might interest well-established baby boomers.
@EcoClotheslines on Twitter—Urban Clotheslines (until October 2018)
I won link clicks to our clothesline store and blog, while curating tweets about sustainability, fair products and home living.


This picture of a kitten resting links to an article that Vicki Nemeth copyedited about REST in Javascript. by Dory Zidon
(copy editor for ESL tech blog post)
by Martha Rockwood Kashap
(book content editing and copy editing)
by Martha Rockwood Kashap
(book content editing and copy editing)


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